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It has been a long difficult process to launch the app, but I have learned so much in the process. I have learned the inner workings of modern tech and what is needed to make an app work, but I have also learned so much more. There were parts of this project that were completely beyond me. I had no way of finishing this by myself. I had to rely on friends, but most importantly, I had to rely on God to help me. I was told by a friend at the darkest hour when it looked like all the money was gone and there was no way this app could ever be finished that I needed to just stop, close my eyes and take a breath. Then, tell God that I don't have what it takes to get this done and the only way it will get done is if He intervenes. I did that, but it was still hard to let go. There has been a balance between working hard and giving it my all because I care about this project and what it can bring and stepping back and letting God show His power. Now that the app is completely launched and available, I am finding more peace than I have had in a long time, but I wonder if that is just a lack of trust. I can admit that He gave me peace when there was no way I should have been able to sit still, but the peace that comes from completion reminds me of how much more I can learn. I can learn to trust more. I have been saying all along that I know the app will be finished and released; I just don't know how to get from this point to that point. I had trust, but not enough to be at complete peace during the process.

I honestly hope you will enjoy the app and use it daily. I have been using it for months and it has blessed me tremendously. I was looking through my answered prayers today and I saw things in there that I had already forgotten about and was glad to be reminded of all that God continually does for us. If you love the app, please rate it and tell a friend.

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